A House of Cards

Letters from Home

To His Holiness, Marus Thiestes Calliat Satrus de-Antanaria, Patriarch of High Falls and Servant of the Grand Plan, From His Devout Servant Salazar Raman Tiberion Masalla Thieron de-Antanaria, Curate of Ammonar and Representative of Ammonar’s Holy Order in Blackmarsh.

Dearest Cousin,

I write today to confirm that we remain in contact even on the edge of civilisation and to thank you for the news of the Order’s faith in my work here. The promotion to Curate will surely demonstrate to Duke Nazar the seriousness of our interest in the region. He places some trust in us and furthers the Grand Plan by encouraging our involvement in returning light to the darker portions of his duchy. Our party has surveyed nearby settlements and the abandonment and decay are truly dismaying. Savage beasts and lesser agents of evil now make their dens in the empty homes of the faithful, and cut off trade and communication routes. Just yesterday, we were set upon by a troll exploiting a causeway on the main road to the mining settlement of Gold Hill. The Lord of Light knows how many innocent travellers have fallen to this creature, but no more need fear it. The encounter did, however, cut our excursion to Gold Hill short, and our return to the city permits me to receive and reply to your letter. We return to the wilds at dawn, and it may be some time before I am able to send further word.

May Ammonar’s will guide us and protect us.

Your humble servant on the edge of the world,



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