Salazar Raman Tiberion Masalla Thieron de-Antanaria

Curate of Ammonar, Defender of the Faith, Bane of the Apostate


Cleric, Lawful (Ammonar)
Lvl 4 (Curate)
Exp: 8357 / 12000
HP (d6): 21

Str 13 +1
Int 11 +0
Wis 16 +2 +10% XP
Dex 13 +1
Con 14 +1
Chr 10 +0

Petri & Poly 12+ (10+ v. spells & magic items)
Poison & Death 9+ (7+ v. spells & magic items)
Blast & Breath 14+ (12+ v. spells & magic items)
Staffs & Wands 11+ (9+ v. spells & magic items)
Spells 14+ (12+ v. spells & magic items)

Base Attack Melee 6+ (9-1[STR])-2[warhammer+2])
Missile 8+ (9-1[DEX])

Initiative 1d6+1[DEX]

AC 7 (5+1[shield]+1[DEX])

Lay on Hands (2xlvl=8) [ ]
Healing Patients (d3) [ ] [ ] [ ]
Level 1 Spells [ ] [ ]
Level 2 Spells [ ]

Turn Undead:
Skeleton T
Zombie 4+
Ghoul 7+
Wight 10+
Wraith 13+
Mummy 16+
Spectre 19+
Vampire -
Infernal -

Run & Explore – 90/turn
Combat – 30/turn

(G) Adventurer
(G) Theology
identify religious symbols, spell signatures, trappings, and holy days of his own faith, and can recognize those of other faiths with a proficiency throw of 11+
© Laying on Hands
once per day, character can restore 2 hit points per experience level
© Healing
25gp/mo 3 patients/day Identify 11+,extra 1d3 HP/day

Common (righteous)

Warhammer +2
Wooden Shield
Banded Plate (AC5)

Priest’s Cassock
Holy Symbol (Winged Sun of Ammonar)

Iron Rations – 1week
Ivory Iannan scroll tube
Scroll of Protection from Evil
Scroll of Bless

Duke’s Horse
Saddlebags – 2
Iron Rations – 1week
Thick Wool Blanket
Common Oil – 3pt
Military Oil – 1pt
Holy Book (The Laws of the Light)
Iron Spikes – 12
Belladonna – 2lb
Garlic – 5lb
Wolfsbane – 1lb
Birthwort – 2lb
Comfrey – 2lb
Goldenrod – 2lb
Woundwart – 2lb
Holy Water – 1pt
584 gp
4 sp

At Blackmarsh Donkey 3100gp

Following the recent holy struggle to expel the followers of Ahriman, the Lightbringer’s priests began an extended effort to ensure that the forces of darkness would not rise to form such a threat again. In closely guarded sessions, the Theocrat Martine Caramae Quintillo Silina de-Antanaria and her Patriachs set in place a plan for holy inquisition. Where the followers of evil would set their roots and where the misguided followers of Ammonar’s celestial courtiers would aid their growth through inaction and indecision, the Inquisitors of Ammonar would shed his light and tear up those roots.

This effort has, thus far, culminated in the public execution of all clergy and even lay staff of the Temple of Istreus in Isatra, at the behest of Inquisitor Vara Sarathi Letor Vialla de-Casari, for collusion with the followers of Ahriman in the siege of the city. The Patriarch of the Istrean temple was cousin to the Duke of Charos, however, and there have been calls from his powerful family and their allies to end, or at least muzzle, the Inquisition.

A relatively young priest, but one with the family connections to see him aspire to great heights in the service of Ammonar, Salazar has been brought into the fold of the Inquisition. While no longer publicly endorsed, the Inquisition grows and seeks the faithful to carry out its holy mission. Salazar takes very seriously the burden placed on him by his church, and spreads the word of Ammonar with a fanatical but tactical zeal. His mission is not conversion of the masses, it is illumination – plans of the enemies and fair-weather allies of Ammonar must be discovered, and subverted wherever they stray from the great plan of the Lord of Law.

Faith is my armour! Vigilance is my shield! Ammonar is the light and the way!

Salazar Raman Tiberion Masalla Thieron de-Antanaria

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