Leontios Tagaris Kaleothes

A hoplite of the City States of Mycenae


Lvl 3 Exp: 5000 HP: 21

Str 18 +3 Petri & Poly 14+
Int 9 +0 Poison & Death 14+
Wis 11 +0 Blast & Breath 14+
Dex 10 +0 Staffs & Wands 14+
Con 16 +2 Spells 14+
Chr 11 +0 Base Attack 9+

(G) Adventuring
(G) Military Strategy
© Fighting Style: Weapon and Shield. +1 to AC with shield.
© Combat Reflexes: +1 to Surprise and Initiative rolls.


For a generation the great city states of the north have been embroiled in bloody war. Leontios was raised in the land-owning warrior caste, trained since he could walk to be a Hoplite and carry the glory of his city, Myrros, on his shoulders.

He has taken part in grand campaigns and battles, victories like the Sack of Agrigentum, and losses like the bloody Retreat from Liminos.

The Matriarchs and priestesses of Ianna, goddess of Love and War, recently performed a coup d’├ętat. The city-states are now, suddenly, a peaceful theocracy. This was met with acclaim by the war-weary masses, however the warrior caste was unhappy, and many, like Leontios, refused to bend their knees to the new order.

Leontios’ own mother stripped the blue cloak of Myrros from his shoulders as his exile was pronounced. Instead of the three spirals of his city, his shield now bears the scorpion symbol of an outcast.

The frontier of the Aurum Empire has provided Leontios with opportunity, and wealth. However he longs to see the red clay walls of Myrros again.

Leontios Tagaris Kaleothes

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