Ioanna Khomnina

A skilled skirmisher.


Explorer Lvl 2 Exp: 2000 HP: 13 Initiative: +3 Surprise +1

Str 14 +1 Petri & Poly 14+
Int 9 +0 Poison & Death 13+
Wis 13 +1 Blast & Breath 15+
Dex 16 +2 Staffs & Wands 15+
Con 13 +1 Spells 16+
Chr 10 +0 Base Attack 9+



To a Mycenae, “Ioanna Khomnina” is the equivalent of Jane Smith, an obvious pseudonym.

Ioanna is the eldest daughter of the Matriarch of Rhegion, one of the City-States of Mycenae. Secluded and protected, she was a novitiate to the Temple of Ianna, to follow the blade dancer’s path on the advent of her eighteenth birthday, to follow in her mother’s footstep. She has studied the Holy Scrolls, and danced the Sacred Dances.

She slipped out of the Temple grounds the night before her joining ritual. Unlike her many novitiate-sisters she felt no connection to the goddess, whom she still reveres but did not feel worthy enough to become a sworn servant of.

She fell in with a band of outcasts, hard men passing by Rhegion on the Exile’s Progress south, at first disguised as a boy, like the many shield-bearers that followed their brothers, uncles, and fathers into exile. It was there that she learned the craft and skills of a skirmisher, and met Leontios.

Two years later they have crossed the sea to the lands of the south. They are an inseparable pair, the giant warrior and his lithe skirmisher. Yet rumour reaches them, now and again, of Rhegion and her mother’s search for her kidnapped daughter, stolen from the Temple grounds by a band of bitter exiles.

Ioanna Khomnina

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