Cream-colored medium warhorse. Fond of turnips.


AC = 2 | HD 3 | HP = 10 | Attack = 2 × 1d6 (hooves) | Save = F2 | Morale +1

Move = 180’ if carrying 30 stone or less.
Move = 90’ if carrying 30-60 stone (maximum).

Move = 60’ in combat.

*Special attacks: *

CHARGE! if at least 20’ straight-line, relatively-level distance exists between target and mounted combatant is not otherwise engaged. Grants +2 to hit, but -2 to AC. If rider is armed with lance, spear, and polearms cause double damage.




While past her prime, Bice has accompanied Temperance since he first left Blackmarsh as a lad.

Bice is a well-tempered and generally gentle beast. Unless being ridden.

Bice will steal apples, eat prize-winning roses and generally munch any well-tended greenery within her snout’s radius. If given a choice, Bice will devour the most expensive greenery first…unless there are turnips at hand.


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