A House of Cards

Back into the Shadows

- Excerpt from the Journal of Curate Salazar Raman Tiberion Masalla Thieron de-Antanaria

Blackmarsh Mission, Day 4

The day started with a new tragedy; a young man was brought in bloodied and worn to the Constable’s farm. The apprentice of a local magician, he had escaped an attack on his master’s camp by a wraith or spectre while their party had been camped in the region’s old cemetery. I tended to the boy’s injuries, and we set off immediately to search for further survivors, but our search was met with predictably tragic results – the entire party had been killed in the night, and the boy survived only by the grace of Ammonar. Had he known the workings of his master, however, he ought to have fallen beside him. Secreted among the wizard’s effects was correspondence that chills my soul. A letter bearing the seal of Raven’s Feast Keep, a cabal of chaos wizards thought destroyed a generation ago, bid this wizard to seek out “certain items” and to remain in the area to sow dissent and discord in preparation for invasion by the forces of evil. Positive negotiations with the Goblin King were mentioned, in particular, and can forebear nothing but ill. High Falls must know of this collaboration immediately, and its tenure ended – pray, cousin, that my words reach you.

The old cemetery has not been tended in what appears to be a generation or more, and without a priest’s attention permeates evil. Repeatedly and in broad daylight we were assaulted by the restless dead – ghouls, skeletons, and even the ghast of a deceased Lord Mayor. Having laid these poor souls to rest, we have searched for signs of the items sought by the wizard. We can only hope that we have found them, and take solace in the knowledge that evil will occasionally bite its own tail.



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