A House of Cards

A Safe Arrival

To His Holiness, Marus Thiestes Calliat Satrus de-Antanaria, Patriarch of High Falls and Servant of the Grand Plan, From His Devout Servant Salazar Raman Tiberion Masalla Thieron de-Antanaria, Priest of Ammonar and Representative of Ammonar’s Holy Order in Blackmarsh.

Dearest Cousin,

The journey to Blackmarsh was, as you said it would be – long, bumpy, and mercilessly uneventful. Master Graelus at the Flogged Steed Inn in Cattala sends his regards, and delivered his usual delightful fare. The bridge was washed out and we were treated to a second night in Cattala and to his spiced lamb and custard – all rivers should run so high for such a gastronomic opportunity.

The situation in Blackmarsh, however, is less fortunate. The Brother Battle that remains in the Duchy, Temperance Beneficent, appears little more than a fop and a dandy. His attention to the needs of the church are sorely lacking, and I have my doubts about his martial prowess. Ammonar willing, such doubts will be assuaged and a strong clerical presence in the region will improve his piety and commitment to the order. I fear there shall be no effective Brotherhood here for some time, though, without new blood – perhaps one of the younger Brothers forged in Isatra’s fires could be spared briefly to rebuild the mailed fist of Ammonar in this hinterland.

I have spoken to the Duke, who has called upon myself and several others to identify the source of several village desertions of late, and he has appointed some laypersons to reopen and tend to the church while we address the issue. The Duke seems an amicable and serious sort – a potential ally in the region, to be sure, but we both know how the agents of darkness clothe themselves in vestments of light. I still cannot forgive my naivety after the incident with the baker’s boy – I hope that Darius’ widow and I will one day see Ammonar’s plan in those dark happenings.

May Ammonar’s will guide us and protect us.

Your humble servant on the edge of the world,



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